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There are many application development environments and platforms in use today. The rise of Internet technologies in the past few years has superseded many of the client/server applications in use. Still, companies need to ensure that their applications can continue to be developed, maintained, and upgraded where necessary.Companies also need to continuously build new applications to take advantage of the opportunities the web presents. As mergers and consolidations happen, there is a need to bridge applications and access data from multiple systems. Companies need application development professionals who are skilled at the latest and existing technologies. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled in many application development environments and languages such as Linux, Visual Basic (VB), C/C++, Java, J2EE, Oracle, Powerbuilder, UNIX, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Fox Pro, Visual J++, Visual Source Safe, and .Net.


Many companies have implemented application servers in order to maximize their e-business processes. In order to effectively maximize the opportunities presented by application servers, companies need well-trained, highly skilled professionals to design, deploy, and manage these systems. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled in many of the leading application server technologies including BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, Iona Technologies Orbix E2A Application Server Platform, ObjectWare IdeaBlade, Progress Software AppServer, SAP NetWeaver, Sun ONE Application Server (formerly iPlanet), Versata Logic Suite, and Lotus Notes among others.


Retailers, banks, and financial services firms, in particular, have made large investments in business intelligence product suites. The systems were purchased to help uncover customer trends, product development opportunities, and market gaps. Business intelligence solutions are complex, however, and companies have found that they need a great deal of support to manage and optimize. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled at running and maximizing the major business intelligence solutions from vendors such as Cognos, BRIO, Microstrategy, Informatica, Hyperion, SAS, Information Builders, Business Objects, Applix, and Oracle.


Application developers need to manage the software development process. Call it software configuration management or software change management; there are standard applications that your consultants need to know how to use. LANCESYS consultants are skilled at the leading SCM tools such as PVCS, RCS, ClearCase, CCC/Harvest, Remedy, Rational Rose and others.


For most companies, managing the database of customers, vendors, and products is a huge task. With consolidation happening in many industries, such as banking, manufacturing, and financial services, large corporations often find themselves with multiple databases and systems to manage. They need skilled professionals who are versant in different systems and can quickly and securely implement solutions. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled in all major databases including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, and IBM DB2. They are also highly proficient in database technologies such as OLAP.


For a successful corporate data warehouse implementation, a company needs a full complement of skilled IT professionals. Positions needed on the team include a project manager, to ensure the warehouse is aligned with the business needs and to develop project plans to support the warehouse as it matures. Also needed is a data modeler, who creates the subject area diagram, the logical data model, and the data warehouse data model. Other critical positions include data warehouse architect, database administrator, programmer/analyst, and business analyst.Companies come to LANCESYS for the professionals that make up this team. LANCESYS consultants and professionals have experience with many data warehousing and mining technologies including Angoss Software KnowledgeStudio and KnowledgeSeeker, Computer Associates Neugents, Gemplus SLP InfoWare, IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner, NCR/Teradata TeraMiner, Oracle Data Mining Suite (Darwin), SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS Clementine, Quadstone Decisionhouse, and Unica Affinium. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled at products from most vendors in the data space including Brio, Business Objects, Cognos, Information Advantage, InfoSpace, Microstrategy, Platinum (CA), SAS, Hyperion, Redbrick and Prism.


Companies in every industry need skilled Internet and web developers to ensure that their online applications, web sites, and e-commerce systems are performing as required. The web site needs to be up and running continuously and they need to be ready to take advantage of new opportunities, such as marketing initiatives, quickly and efficiently. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled in every possible Internet and web tool set there is. LANCESYS consultants can help you build new Internet systems and manage the ones you already have in place. Technologies represented include HTML, Javascript, Java, J2EE, ActiveX, XML, JSP, and PHP.


Many companies in the financial services and manufacturing spaces, for example, rely on the mainframe for their businesses to operate. The need for IT professionals with specialized skill sets grows as these systems age. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled in many legacy applications and operating systems such as DEC/VAX, OS/390, MicroFocus, Compuware, Cobol, CICS, JCL, IMS, DB2, and AS/400.


Companies need to ensure that disparate systems can talk to each other. As mergers, consolidations, and globalization continue to increase, companies have many different systems to integrate. The need for IT professionals who understand middleware, the glue that binds different systems together, is paramount. LANCESYS consultants and professionals are skilled in many middleware and associated networking technologies including BEA WebLogic, WebMethods, COM, DCOM, COM++, CORBA, EJB, Microsoft .Net, J2EE, Java, XML, CORBA, Novell Netware and IBM Websphere.


Every system should have at least one person, a systems administrator, in charge of system maintenance and operation. It is the responsibility of system administrators to ensure the smooth operation of the system and to perform a wide variety of tasks that require special privileges. In most cases, it makes sense for companies to outsource this function.

Among other things, a system administrator is responsible for:
Bringing the system up and down for maintenance. Making certain that adequate backups (regular copies of files on the system) are made and stored for future use. Handling problems related to use of limited computer resources (disk space, number of processes, and so on). Alleviating system communication (network) stoppages due to failed connections.

Applying operating system updates and maintenance fixes. Providing general support to users. LANCESYS consultants and professionals possess a strong understanding of Windows NT/2000, MS-SQL, Oracle database technologies as well as end user applications. In the Linux world, our consultants are familiar with Linux system administration tools: COAS, Linuxconf, Webmin and YaST. LANCESYS Systems Administrators are skilled at the many technologies available to manage, monitor, and improve the system.


Applications that do not work in production can cost companies millions of dollars. Imagine how many potential customers would leave a web site if the links did not work properly. Sound quality assurance programs utilizing high-quality testing tools are required to ensure customer satisfaction. LANCESYS delivers a wide range of quality assurance and automated testing services featuring tools from major vendors including functional testing tools and scripting languages with tools such as QARun from Compuware, WinRunner from Mercury Interactive and Visual Test from Rational Software (IBM). Load testing tools and associated scripting languages on tools such as LoadRunner from Mercury Interactive, QALoad from Compuware, Webload from Radview Software and others. LANCESYS consultants are also skilled at managing the testing process with test data management tools such as File-Aid from Compuware for test data generation, extraction, and comparison and TestBytes from Mercury Interactive; and whitebox testing tools such as NuMega DevPartner for checking code complexity, code coverage, and memory leaks.


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